New Feature: Private Assessments & Invitations

Dreamtalent Updates - 27 Oct 2022 by Dreamtalent Admin

A new feature for In-Depth Assessments lets you create exclusive assessments for select participants (and manage your budget) with email invitations.


What’s new?


  1. New: Private & Public Assessments

  2. New: Email Invitations for Assessments


1. New: Private & Public Assessments


Set your assessment batches to Private or Public depending on the purpose. In a Public assessment, you can share a unique code that can be used by anyone to join.


In a Private assessment, only invited talents can join. This is useful for a smaller, more controlled assessment group.



2. New: Email Invitations for Assessments


Like in Screening, you can now invite specific talents to join an assessment batch. This is enabled for both Public and Private assessments.


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