Career Preparation
Interest and aptitude tests to prepare for
the right career path.
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Find the right degree to take according to their interests, strengths, and personality.
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Discover career recommendations and development programs to prepare for their dream job.

Our Science

What you see.

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Our Science

What you see.

What actually determines
success in the future. .

Grades don’t always determine a student’s success in the future.
In our research, we found 8 hidden metrics in every person that determine which career they will love and be good at .
With our assessments, you can prepare your students for the right career and a successful future early on.
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Easy Administration

Simply share the link to your students. Each batch contains up to 300 slots.
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Discover Their Purpose

Helps students find what they love doing and what they’re good at.
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Career Preparation

Recommended teaching programs to equip students with the right skills to succeed.
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Internship & Career Portal

Connect your Career Development Center to job fairs and internship opportunities.
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Private & Proctored

Password-controlled for security and exclusivity. Photo confirmation and response style analysis to detect faking.
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Reach your dream career,
starting today.